Joshua Keel

Calories vs. Food

May 9, 2019

When it comes to losing weight, so many of us have been told we need to track calories, to weigh our food, to count things. We lose connection to our hunger, and we eat when an app or a meal plan tells us to. I used to think this made perfect sense. Now it sounds a bit crazy.

We don’t eat calories. We eat food. And thinking about our nutrition in terms of food is a lot more fun, and a lot more sane than driving ourselves mad counting calories.

Why can’t we just eat when we’re hungry, eat mostly whole foods, and enjoy occasional treats? Well, there are some people who say we can, and I intend to prove them right.

I’ve been going through Georgie Fear’s self-guided habit-based weight loss program, and I highly recommend it. It’s helped me to think differently about how I eat. Less diet/tracking/insanity mindset, more skill/habit/intuitive mindset.

It will be a while before I get consistent with the habits and know what result they will have on my physique, but I feel better and more balanced in just the day or two I’ve been trying to follow her principles.